Vietnam: A gypsy in a war torn country

It seems the newly sprung grass conceals the torments of this land

And to my untroubled eye it’s like a blanket of warmth.

I’m the naive gypsy, in a country where

Sunset welcomes its people to wash their sweat soaked clothes

In the puddles their children played in just hours ago.

There’s the lazy hum of the mosquito that’s had its fill

On the silhouettes of sleeping figures, lulled by the whoosh of fans.

And while the bleeping of horns will continue into the night,

Bitter thoughts of war will be laid to rest,

For the ghosts of ancestors past forgave and have been forgiven.

This poem was recognised in the Imprint Booksellers competition run through the Flinders University school of Humanities in 2012


2 thoughts on “Vietnam: A gypsy in a war torn country

  1. Greg D says:

    Liana – Thanks for visiting my blog, and for this poem of yours. My wife is from Viet Nam; we met during the war. Most of her family stills resides in Viet Nam, in Nha Trang, and Dac Lac, and Quang Ngai. We last visited them in 2003. The Viet Namese are a brave, resilient people. I see that every day in my wife. Thanks again for your comment on my poem. ~ Greg

    • With Luck says:

      Its almost as if there’s a certain spirit that resides in the very earth there. As for the people, they have an unwavering strength and resilience that left a profound impression on me. I bet your wife is this way! I lived there for 6 months after finishing school to teach English in the Quang Nihn Provence in HaLong City. It was an experience of a lifetime. 😀 thanks for reading and replying. 😀

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