Dubnium Cover

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Dubnium has chosen to publish my micro fiction PETRIFIED.

The Beggar paces, antiquated pants hanging off his convex hips and rubber soles leaving ghostly impressions on the rain slick pavement. He raises his cup, thirsting for pity, but with each metallic chink of coin against coin, his head sinks lower.

Across the street, the Stray watches, bug eyes bulging from his emaciated head. An icy wind spurs him forward and, using the last of his tread, he slips between the jail bars of traffic to sit by the Beggar’s side.

The Beggar drops his cup and replaces it with the Stray’s mangled jowl, just to feel its warmth. The snowstorm breaks. Master and companion become a frostbitten handshake, an ancient pose petrified into the pavement.


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