The Long and Grinding Road

The Big Issue Australia have published my personal essay, The Long and Grinding Road, as a feature article in their New Year magazine (No. 578).

This was a think-piece inspired by one of the most difficult years of my life in which I spent many hours aboard the Firefly Express night-bus from Adelaide to Melbourne and back again.


…and after the year I’d had—family drama, work stress, money problems—my emotional baggage was heavy and my bank account, a little light. Thank God for the Firefly.

There are many reasons why people choose the Firefly over plane or train.



Steve’s gaze was a fly settling on the spot between my eyes. “So, how come you’re heading to Melbourne?”


“I’ve got a chance to, you know, start over. I’m straight outta recovery so I wanna change…”


Back in our seats, I wondered what Steve had been about to say, or had been trying to say, but couldn’t.

I am especially proud of this piece as The Big Issue is a not-for-profit, independent magazine aimed at supporting disadvantaged Australians.

Vendors receive $4.50 for every $9 issue sold.

More on The Big Issue here


One thought on “The Long and Grinding Road

  1. Irena Skrzypczak says:

    Fantastic Liana Can’t wait to read it I will still try and buy a copy to support them Regards Roman

    Sent from my iPhone


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