Adopted from Korea into an Australian family with a Polish background, Liana Skrzypczak is a diverse voices writer, whose fiction centres around the themes of identity, place and belonging.

Her first novel was signed to a two-book deal with Harlequin’s ‘Digital Series First’ imprint before the line was discontinued and her rights were reverted. She was the South Australian recipient of the  2017 Hachette Mentoring Program. Her short stories have appeared in Australia’s leading literary magazines: Meanjin QuarterlyIsland MagazineThe Big Issue and Westerly Magazine. She was the 2019 recipient of the esteemed Express Media Kat Muscat Fellowship.

See more: www.facebook.com/lianaskrzypczakpage and twitter.com/lianaskrzypczak.

— Past & Upcoming Appearances —

KAT MUSCAT FELLOWSHIP: Express Media Special Online Event
DATE: Monday 9th November 2020, 6pm (AEDT)
PLACE: Online – Zoom Link to be provided here
DESCRIPTION: Hear from past fellows, including Bri Lee, Ana Maria Gomides, Liana Skrzypczak and current fellow Maddie Godfrey. Hosted by Fellowship chair Veronica Sullivan. Fellows will share reflections on their experiences with the Fellowship, their writing journeys and what Kat Muscat’s mantra of Defiance, Feminism and Empathy means to them.

DATE: Sunday 17th November 2019, 9:30am (start) 11am (speeches)
PLACE: 47 Woods Street, Beaconsfield, 3807
DESCRIPTION: A wonderful breakfast sponsored by Beyond Blue in memory of Kat Muscat and in partnership with Express Media and the Wheelers Centre to raise money for the Kat Muscat Fellowship 2020. More details here

WORKSHOP SERIES 2: Teen Writers Club (Writers SA)
DATES: Saturdays 10:30am – 12pm, Term 2, 2018
PLACE: City Library, Adelaide
DESCRIPTION: The Teen Writers Club is a place for young writers to make new connections, be inspired, and develop their writing. We provide a safe, fun and engaging program for passionate high school writers of all interests, ages and abilities.
SESSION TOPICS: 1) Story Tropes | 2) POV | 3) Backstory Weaving | 4) Phonetics & Linguistics | 5) Flash Fiction | 6) Editing

WORKSHOP SERIES 1: Teen Writers Club (Writers SA)
DATES: Saturdays 10:30am – 12pm, Term 1, 2018
PLACE: City Library, Adelaide
DESCRIPTION: The Teen Writers Club is a place for young writers to make new connections, be inspired, and develop their writing. We provide a safe, fun and engaging program for passionate high school writers of all interests, ages and abilities.
SESSION TOPICS: 1) Metaphor, Simile & Symbol | 2) Shiny Sentences | 3) Psychology of a Reader | 4) Dialogue | 5) Essays, Story Structure & Endings | 6) Poetry | 7) The Publishing World

PRESENTATION: Awards Ceremony Prospect Library Children’s Writing Competition
DATE: Tuesday 22 August 2017, 5.30 – 6.30pm
PLACE: Prospect Library, South Australia
To celebrate this year is a book week theme ‘Escape to Everywhere’, Liana Skrzypczak co-judged the Prospect Library of South Australia’s children’s writing competition in correspondence with local primary schools. Entries were from the following categories (Reception-Year 3, Years 4-5, Years 6-7).

PRESENTATION: Author Mentorships
PROVIDER: SA Writers Centre
DATE: Thursday 17th November 2016, 5.30 – 6.30pm
PLACE:  SA Writers Centre, Adelaide, SA
In November’s Member Meetup, current Writer in residence, Liana Skrzypczak, successful recipient of both a Hachette and Carclew mentorship, will explore her experiences and the benefits of working with a writing mentor. This is also your chance to ask any questions you have about the newly launched Hachette Mentorship!

PANEL: Roundtable ‘#goals’
EVENT: National Young Writers’ Festival
DATE: 30th September 2016, 11am
PLACE: Newcastle, NSW
DESCRIPTION: Everyone always tells you that establishing a good writing practice is the best thing you can do as a writer. But is it that simple? How do you stay motivated and set goals? Is it really that easy to hit that daily wordcount? What is everyone else’s secret? This roundtable is for sharing your tips and tricks – or just poaching everyone else’s!

PANEL: Special Event: Careers Day ‘Pitching/editing/working with publishers’
EVENT: National Young Writers’ Festival
DATE: 1st Oct 2016, 11am – 4pm
PLACE: Newcastle, NSW
DESCRIPTION: This is a bit of a chance for lots of the cool people/industry orgs we’ve got coming to have a chance to answer more specific questions from punters. Authors will host stalls during the day and give a 5-10 minute talk on their work and talk about pitching/editing/working with publishers.

PANEL: Debate ‘Science vs Science Fiction’
EVENT: National Young Writers’ Festival
DATE: Saturday 1st Oct 2016, 3pm
PLACE: Newcastle, NSW
DESCRIPTION: The apocalypse has come and gone – but what’s left of humanity? Scientists pit their predictions for the future against the speculations of sci-fi writers.

EVENT: Writer in Residence
PROVIDER: SA Writers Centre
DATE: 1st October 2016 – 30th November 2016
PLACE: SA Writers Centre, Adelaide, SA
The Writer in Residence program gives a local emerging writer a two-month opportunity to engage in a major project while based at the Centre. Each Writer in Residence is provided with a dedicated writing space, access to the Centre’s resources, plus a number of other benefits. As part of their residency the successful applicant have the opportunity to and contribute to developing the Centre’s writing community.

EVENT: ‘Quick and Dirty Readings’
PROVIDER: SA Writers Centre
DATE: Thursday 25th August 2016, 6-7.30pm
PLACE:  Publishers Hotel, Franklin Street, Adelaide, SA
Quick & Dirty is the SA Writers Centre’s quarterly session of live readings that welcomes everyone. Quick & Dirty features snapshots of new work by South Australian writers focussing on a different theme each month. They’re raw, they’re unpublished and they’re under fifteen minutes!

PANEL: Writing YA – Thinking About Your Audience
EVENT: Speculative Fiction / Fantasy Festival
GUESTS: Gillian Rubenstein & Tony Shillitoe
DATE: Saturday 7th May 2016, 10-11am
PLACE:  SA Writers Centre, Adelaide, SA
The increasing interest in young adult fiction means writers are no longer only writing for teens – many adults read YA targeted books, and many younger children are reading up. What are the rules around dealing with subject matter that challenges and interest your readers while still being considered suitable? Is there such a thing as age-appropriate content? And how do you know what will and won’t get past teachers and librarians?

PERFORMANCE: Live science fiction reading
EVENT: Radio Adelaide’s Wide Open Road Literary Cabaret
GUESTS: Sean Williams & Tony Collins
DATE: Saturday 25th July 2015, 5-6.30pm
PLACE:  Radio Adelaide, Adelaide, SA
Take a sci-fi trip into the future; to a place of dystopian societies, parallel universes, viruses and bugs, big bugs! Three writers read three of works-in-progress on live radio.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. Elyse says:

    Hi Liana,
    I just traced you back here from your comments on my blog. I’m an adoptive Mom — of a now 22 year old boy from Chile. So I guess it’s a small world after all!

    • With Luck says:

      Wow, Elyse. Great to see you here 😀 Thanks for checking out my blog. Yes, it’s a small world! And getting smaller each day with the internet, I guess. I think it’s great that you chose to adopt 😀 I try to encourage people to do so all the time haha

      • With Luck says:

        Hmmmm… to be honest, I have no idea 😛 I’m fairly new to blogging and until about a week ago have left my wordpress unattended for years! I’ve been browsing through the posts of the people who’ve stumbled upon my blog (Have no idea how they found me either). Then, I stumbled across some interesting comments which lead me to another person’s blog, and then another. Next minute I’m bunnyhopping all over the place with webbrowsers open everywhere 😛 It’s out of control really. So, yes… this bloggersphere is a mystery to me also.

  2. Charles says:

    Thank you for your comment. I think it’s interesting that you teach. I just finished four years of English, Literature, and Creative Comp; however, I don’t write as much as I used to. I have tutored on occasion and have enjoyed doing that probably more than do writing. I actually spend more time on Tumblr posting quotes and poetry than I do on WP these days. In any case, thank you for your comment and hopefully I may post something worthy again some day soon.

    • With Luck says:

      I also enjoy tutoring. There’s something really rewarding about one-on-one teaching. I wish all school classrooms were this way! Haha wishful thinking. Hope to hear more soon 😀

  3. khanaspector says:

    Thank you for the lovely comment you left in my poetry gallery. I wasn’t given the option to reply so I’m doing so here. When reading your comment I noticed that the ‘C’ was missing from the word ‘Celebrating’ in the poem & in trying to correct this I somehow lost your comment, so I will replace it & attribute it to you. Thanks for following. I will be following you too 🙂

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