A: I’m trapped.

B: In a steel cage

C: In a crushing, tumbling liquid mass

A: In a cocoon of silk

A, B, C: We’re trapped.

A: I sleep.

B: A slippery kind of waning sleep

C: A fading kind of panicked sleep

A: A long deep and restful slumber

A,B,C: We sleep.

A: I wait.

B: For the flashing lights and sirens

C: For the red and white caps to come

A: For the transformation to be complete

A,B,C: We wait.

A: I’m freed.

B: From my steel cage

C: From my crushing, tumbling liquid mass

A: From my cocoon of silk

A,B,C: We’re freed.

A: I’m changed.

B: By blood anew

C: By oxygen anew

A: By wings anew

A,B,C: We’re changed.

A: I live again.

B: Lucky

C: Thankful

A: Transformed

A,B,C: We live again.

A: I am…

B: A victim of a car crash

C: A survivor of the sea

A: A butterfly reborn

A,B,C: We are metamorphosis.




Poem featured in Mint Magazine, Issue 7, 2013

Mint Magazine cover