An interview with Liana Skrzypczak


Liana Skrzypczak is an emerging fantasy fiction writer whose first novel, White Horse, was shortlisted for the Impress Prize for new writing talent. She has since commenced publication with Harlequin and is now working on a sequel to this work, The Zoo, which she hopes to complete by the end of 2014. When she’s not shooting her characters with ice arrows, she’s confusing people with her mixed heritage (being adopted from Korea into a Polish family living in Australia). In what little spare time she has left, you can also find her surfing, relief teaching, talking to herself in Spanish, running around after children at her local OSHC and answering phones for her dad’s kitchen business. More on her adventures at her blog and on Facebook.

She took the time to have a chat with one of our editors, Sam Prior.

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